Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Handy Little Boxes

The opening of (the wine and beer at) Fitch + Company brought all sorts of people to the gallery. The gallery is great and we are all rooting for it. Alas, while I (Becky) brought my camera, I completely neglected to take photos. So please let your imagination run wild with fantastic furniture mingled with eclectic well dressed folk and lots of happy yattering. Benjie, in addition to having a table (that fancy one that is published in 500 Tables by Lark Books) and a bench in the gallery, brought along some small items to help round out the show with some impulse items. These sat on the back porch for a bit when I did have a mind to take a snap shot or two.....

These are made out of cherry (the darker ones) and cypress (the blonde ones).
This guy seemed to like them.

Some have extra character. We call them peak-holes.

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