Monday, November 15, 2010

In Progress: Benjie has a Lathe (and a chainsaw...and fire)

Back when Benjie was a potter, platters were his favorite things to make. He has always admired Rick Hensley's work and suspects that is why he has had his eye on a lathe for years now.

These are all in progess right now in the studio, but by Friday's open house they will all be ready to check out.

These current experiments have been with the lathe, a chainsaw, a wire brush and a torch.
This has a rosewood stain and since this photo has endured some torching.

Next Post: Delightful kitcheny things that Becky uses every single day (and a couple she uses just weekly).

Monday, October 4, 2010

Am I obsessed with Dogtown?

I (Becky), too, have reviewed my recent posts and realize that an argument could be made for this. For some reason, my phone just wants to take pictures of this project. It can't be controlled. I think it's hungry.

Next time you are hungry and you see this sign, I recommend you immediately duck into coolest little pizza place I know, have a beer, listen to some music and have some crazy all local organic seasonal pie.

And by pie, I mean pizza. This is the way the hip people who toss dough in the air speak. I've heard it for myself.

Recognize this pose? Benjie is measuring the oven at Dogtown...why you ask? Well, to make this swell door that will help Jon and Scott and crew bake bread. Fantastic, no?

Kendrick Anderson, musican/woodworker that finds himself working the wood on occasion at This Was a Tree, made this in a joint effort with Benjie.

One would think that based on shear number of these pizza peels (there are 3 rows of these things hanging in the studio), one of the pretty little numbers would have made it to my kitchen.

Not so.

We did have a recent and all together traumatic pizza charring recently in the Osborne household. It is possible this was an indication that we are unworthy of a pizza peel. In our defense, all of the numbers have been cleaned off of the oven's temperature knob. So it's really a crap shoot of whether we char a dish or it takes a couple of extra hours.

Shelby Davis and a Good Ol' Fashioned Brander

50 or so of these pizza peels are not done yet. Shelby Davis (our sculptor friend out in Portland, OR) is fashioning a branding iron with the Dogtown logo to mark each of these.

Final Step:
Branding at Dogtown

Dogtown will heat up the brand in the brick oven and brand the pizza peels.

Oh, how I hope it is done to order just like the pizzas.

~ Shipping happens tomorrow morning. So we bid you adieu, Dogtown. Let us meet again in Floyd.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dogtown - again

This is Becky...and I FINALLY actually stepped inside Dogtown.

It is beautiful and reading the menu made me salivate.

Sadly, we had to hightail is back to Atlanta before they officially opened....
but I have day dreamed about the harvest pie since we hit the road.

Here is what I saw while I was there.

Benjie made this beer tap as a gift. It matches the countertops that he made.

I believe Benjie will occassionally be making these chainsaw edged cutting boards for sale as well.

Dogtown is going to bake bread! Benjie is measuring the oven to build a door.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Osbornes Redo the Kitchen

Just to get a better feel of the before….

Benjie added a breakfast bar on the far side and cabinets and concrete counter tops to what once was a bizarre gaping hole. Also, you can't see it here, but down to the left, the cabinets all have sets of deep drawers.

This is our new sink, complete with an inlaid brass drainer for drying dishes. Isn't he clever?

For the sake of the Osborne funds, we just spruced up the old cabinets with new cherry doors (of course, made by aforementioned clever husband) and paint.
Benjie made his signature solid walnut handles.
We have three sets of these deep drawers, which are sooooo much more useful than regular cabinets.
The new counter has the this great semi-subtle curve. Also, and this was a big debate in the house, it has a double layer counter. Let me say (this is Becky), Benjie was right. The two layers are great. One side (normal height) is definitely all kitchen business and chopping and production. The other side(bar height) is guests and hors'dourves (or on normal nights, mail and everyday clutter). The combo is striking and open and welcoming and useful. Benjie = right (in this one case and I retain the right to be right again at a later date).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dogtown Pizza

I have been out for a bit starting a little business called Red Rooster Coffee Rooster. I'll have to do a post or two about the wood work there at some point. But now, I am back and there is another new business in Floyd that needs a shout out and has a Benjie bar.

Dogtown Pizza is taking over the ol' Cafe Del Sol space in the Winter Sun building. The new place will have music and local beer from Shooting Creek Brewery and, of course, wood fire pizzas.

I was lucky enough to make their bar (and some more things on the way). Watch it happen below.

It looks happenstance...but I spent a lot of time making sure the sapwood was well placed...and the clamps too.

About to rough up the edges and make the curve on the front of the bar

Oiled up

In place with the chainsawed, burned edge on display

In place

Monday, January 4, 2010

Step Stool

Too busy for words right now....but how about this little stool that I made?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So in September, the collaboration piece with Ellen Kochansky, mentioned in earlier posts, took up the majority of my time. Yet, for some reason, I neglected to post anything on it. On Monday and Tuesday, we drove out to Columbia, SC and installed it. I'll post those pics in a couple of days...but in the mean time here is how it came to be (or at least the structure stuff that I did).

The piece has 20 panels (the construction of which is shown in an earlier post) which need some way to stand erect. So, here you see 20 concrete bases in the works.

20 forms
20 metal armatures
20 concrete bases (with those armatures inside)