Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Osbornes Redo the Kitchen

Just to get a better feel of the before….

Benjie added a breakfast bar on the far side and cabinets and concrete counter tops to what once was a bizarre gaping hole. Also, you can't see it here, but down to the left, the cabinets all have sets of deep drawers.

This is our new sink, complete with an inlaid brass drainer for drying dishes. Isn't he clever?

For the sake of the Osborne funds, we just spruced up the old cabinets with new cherry doors (of course, made by aforementioned clever husband) and paint.
Benjie made his signature solid walnut handles.
We have three sets of these deep drawers, which are sooooo much more useful than regular cabinets.
The new counter has the this great semi-subtle curve. Also, and this was a big debate in the house, it has a double layer counter. Let me say (this is Becky), Benjie was right. The two layers are great. One side (normal height) is definitely all kitchen business and chopping and production. The other side(bar height) is guests and hors'dourves (or on normal nights, mail and everyday clutter). The combo is striking and open and welcoming and useful. Benjie = right (in this one case and I retain the right to be right again at a later date).